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Group & Departmental Orders

Individual Polybag
Many groups request that we package garments by the individual who placed the order.  We understand this helps ensure the person who ordered the garment(s) receives it untouched from the factory.  We're glad to do this for an additional fee of $1/bag.

We've also been asked to ship products to clients at events.  Prices vary depending on speed, weight, location, and other factors...but we're happy to do it.  Just call us to get it all situated. 

Standard Packaging for Delivery
Normally, orders are packed in cardboard boxes for delivery.  We will sort your shirts by size, color, and/or cut, fold them, and place them neatly into a previously-used shirt box.

Ship Times
Many groups request that we provide their individual members the opportunity to order and pay individually.  Unless specifically requested by the group, we typically allot two weeks for group members to place their orders before we produce and prepare their shirts for delivery.  

The list below helps you better understand the time from when you place your order to the time you receive your product:

Week 1 . . . . Accepting Orders 

Week 2 . . . . Accepting Orders 

Week 3 . . . . Production

Week 4 . . . . Quality  Check, Packaging, and Delivery

Week 5 . . . . Product is in your hand. 

Smaller orders that do NOT require a two-week order acceptance period are typically produced within three days and delivered within a week.